Sails Theme Release Notes

See what's new added, changed, fixed, improved or updated in the latest Sails versions.


Major Changes (released 1st October 2018)

- Autocomplete / Suggestion feature added for search bar
- Super fast loading of high quality images through lazyloading
- Sidebar of collection page can now be collapsed and expanded
- Over 15 new color options & customizations added to the theme editor Color and Typography Menus
- Can now change color of add to cart button specifically
- Can change color of headers and drop downs
- Can change color of footers / off canvas menu
- Can change color of all buttons
- SEO tags now display even more information for higher google rankings
- Performance Updates throughout theme makes it THE fastest loading theme on the market.
- Can now choose where the add to cart button will appear (below or above description)
- Ability to disable squared images and use the full sized (non cropped) images in your store


Minor Change (released 12th September 2018)

- Password Page Changes - No unnecessary padding at the top.
- Can now display upto 6 product/items in a row on desktop (from the previous 4)
- Infinite Scroll issues for the upsell and other modals have been fixed
- Announcement Bar padding issues resolved
- Collection Page Fixes
- Access Token Link Updated till we get API authority from Instagram
- Instagram Feed quality should now change as expected (low vs high)
- Drop Down Arrow in the Currency Selector is now clickable
- Zoom Effect added for Image grids and Instagram Feeds
- Badges can now be above or below below products + other customizations